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Willamette Valley Cheese

Triple Crème Brie

8 oz
Made fresh from the milk and cream from our own organic Willamette Valley Dairies, our super creamy brie is small batch at its finest. The hands-on process allows for gentle stirring and cutting of the curds so a fluffy whipped-cream texture is achieved. After just a week of aging, our triple crème develops a thin white rind and a slightly firm, yet creamy interior. The flavor is tangy, with earthy and salty notes that develop as the cheese ages. Trust us: It will be the start of your cheese platter!

Ingredients: Organic pasteurized cow’s milk, organic cream, sea salt, enzymes, cultures.

Safe Handling Instructions / Storing: Perishable, keep refrigerated.

Serving:  remove from refrigerator 20 min before serving to allow for more flavor and aroma